1. littlewingsnow:

    Tickets go on sale at NOON!


    Presented in association with (((folkYEAH!)))

    AUG 5th, 2014

    Angel Olsen
    White Fence
    Skygreen Leopards
    Kevin Morby

    AUG 6th, 2014

    Real Estate
    Little Wings
    Steve Gunn
    Meg Baird

    Soooo, yeah, I might have to go to this….look at that second day! I don’t know who Meg Baird is but the rest of them are awesome!

  2. nprmusic:

    Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, The Magnolia Electric Co.) was widely beloved by musicians; anyone who’s ever tried to channel the blues would know how pure his were. Here, My Morning Jacket, Wooden Wand, Catherine Irwin and more tackle 27 of his songs.

    Stream Farewell Transmission from NPR Music’s First Listen

  3. copycats:

    "Lithium" - St. Vincent (w/ Dave Grohl, Krist Novaselic, and Pat Smear)
    originally by Nirvana

    While the other singers who fronted Nirvana at their Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame introduction last week mostly, um, didn’t do well (Joan Jett, Lorde), Annie Clark (aka St Vincent) did a bang up job of Kurt-ing things up on this heartfelt version of “Lithium”.

  5. nprmusic:

    Aimee Mann and Ted Leo find ways to share the spotlight on their charming debut as a duo.

    Stream The Both from NPR Music’s First Listen

    This is good, y’all.


  6. "Tony Visconti rigged up a system, a creative misuse of gating that may be termed “multi-latch gating”, of three microphones to capture the epic vocal, with one microphone nine inches from Bowie, one 20 feet away and one 50 feet away. Only the first was opened for the quieter vocals at the start of the song, with the first and second opening on the louder passages, and all three on the loudest parts, creating progressively more reverb and ambience the louder the vocals became. Each microphone is muted as the next one is triggered. “Bowie’s performance thus grows in intensity precisely as ever more ambience infuses his delivery until, by the final verse, he has to shout just to be heard….The more Bowie shouts just to be heard, in fact, the further back in the mix Visconti’s multi-latch system pushes his vocal tracks, creating a stark metaphor for the situation of Bowie’s doomed lovers."
    — HEROES

  7. "First, they put the tambourine on the drum…"


  8. Two of my favorites spinning for two hours! I’ll take it.

  9. cokemachineglow:

    Do Make Say Think :: “The Landlord Is Dead” / “Bruce E Kinesis” / “Goodbye Enemy Airship”
    via Beyond The Sound (2012)

  10. nprmusic:

    Explosions in the Sky + Eluvium = Inventions.

    Stream the debut album, Inventions, from NPR Music’s First Listen